Biometric Centralized Attendance Recording System

Suitable for organizations with multiple locations spread across India & even across Globe if needed.

No need to maintain software at branch level. A single Web based Software installed at head office will fetch the data from branches at predetermined intervals & thus facilitates HR dept to maintain the attendance data with supreme ease & convenience.

  • Realtime Device Management: The data automatically downloaded from the device at predecided time slot & uploaded to the server in Head office.
  • Web SMS: Realtime SMS sent to all the employees as per policy of organization.
  • Auto Synchronization: Biometric Data like fingerprint template or Face uploaded to devices as per requirement & similarly attendance data from the devices at branches can be uploaded to the web server in Head office.
  • Block & unblock User: The employees whose services are suspended temporarily or permanently can be blocked from Head office & when required they can be unblocked.
  • Leave Module: Auto allotment of leave on monthly, Quarterly or yearly as per the company policy. Auto allotment of leave after date of joining on after date of confirmation as per the company policy.Different types of leaves allotted to different categories of employees.Employee leave record can be tracked at a glance.Multiple shifts & auto shift.
Works on Push Data technology
  • It just requires one server & one public IP at Head office .No need to install server / software at any branch, support all types of push data & GPRS devices.
  • Android application available for each employee.
  • Each employee can view his/her attendance details on cell phone.
  • Employee can apply for leave on cell phone.
  • Employee check holiday list / leave balance.
  • Employee can avail compensatory off & apply for outdoor duty.
  • Management can easily & conveniently Approve / Decline leave request.
  • Check attendance details dept wise.
  • Approve/Decline manual log entered by employees.
  • Approve/Decline employee outdoor duties.
  • Approve/Decline Comp off request.