AADHAR Enabled Biometrics Attendance System (AEBAS)
  • Fingerprint based attendance terminal
  • Integrated with UIDAI database
  • STQC certified fingerprint scanner
  • Android software application
  • WiFi & GPRS based communication
Purpose of the Project

As part of the “Digital India” program of Government of India, it has decided to implement common Biometric Attendance System (BAS) in the Central Government Offices (Agencies) located in Delhi to begin with. The proposed system would enable an employee to register attendance by presenting his/her biometric (finger print/Iris) which will be authenticated online by doing one to one match with the bio-metric stored in the UIDAI data base against the employee’s Aadhaar number. For implementing the same, the Central Government Organizations need to follow a structured approach in coordination with different stakeholders.

System Architecture

At a high level the overall solution would have two main components

  • Front End System
  • Back End System

The overall solution architecture is explained as under.

A. The Front End System (FES) or the attendance system would be a device having hardware and client attendance application. The client attendance module in the On-boarding Requirements Draft Handout for On-boarding Agencies to install Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System. Idle state would wait for user to do enter his/her attendance id (through touch screen), which would usually be first 6 digits or last 6 digits of the Aadhaar number. Once the attendance id is captured, the application would prompt user to provide the biometric data required for Aadhaar online authentication. It would then create the request in accordance with the Aadhaar Authentication API and send the request to the backend application at UIDAI Central Identity Data Repository (CIDR).

B. The Back End System or attendance server would have functionalities to create Aadhaar Authentication request, submit the request and receive the response in accordance with Aadhaar Authentication API requirements, mark in/out attendance, attendance system activation/de-activation, report generation etc. The picture in next slide represents a high level schematic diagram of the Biometric attendance system.

Organization registration process

The Organizations are required to register online (once) on the portal for using attendance.gov.in by giving number of employees and their existing website name. Once the registration of the organization is complete, the organization will be listed in the portal for the enrolment of the employees and generation of various types of reports pertaining to the organization. The steps for on-boarding organization in the attendance portal.

Steps for on-boarding an Organization in the attendance portal
  • Select the ‘Organization Registration’ link in the attendance portal
  • Fill the downloaded form with the required information and get it signed by the Head of the organization/department, with the organization stamp/seal.
  • Scan the filled, signed & stamped form and save it in ".jpg" format of max file size 200 Kb. The scanned file has to be uploaded in the online form in the attendance portal.
  • Steps to fill the online form in the attendance portal
    • Select the name of your organization. If the organization name does not show than please get in touch with the Attendance help desk.
    • Enter the communication address of the organization
    • Select the state (as applicable)
    • Enter the Mobile number of NIC coordinator
    • Enter the email address of NIC coordinator
    • Enter the name of the nodal officer
    • Provide the Aadhaar number of the nodal officer
    • Enter the designation of the nodal officer
    • Enter the Mobile number of the nodal officer
    • Select the scanned file which you need to upload with the form
Employee registration process

Once the organization is registered with the attendance portal, employees of the organization are required to do online registration on attendance.gov.in portal for enabling them to mark attendance. The employees need to fill an online form using the link ‘Employee Registration’ on the attendance portal. Once the details are filled, the employee data goes to the quality check team of UIDAI/Nodal Officer of the organization for verification. After the approval from the nodal officer, the employee becomes active in the attendance portal and can mark its attendance through the devices installed. The details are required for on boarding of employees in the attendance portal.

Details required for registration of employees in Attendance portal
  • Enter Full Name
  • Enter Date of Birth (format DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Select Gender
  • Please provide 12 digit Aadhaar number
  • Enter Email. And 10 digit Mobile Number
  • Select the name of Organization. If the organization does not list, please get in touch with Organization's Nodal Officer to get your organization listed
  • Select Employee Type
  • Enter the name of Division/Unit within the Organization (you can choose from suggestions)
  • Select Designation (only when Employee Type is Government)
  • Select office location.(e.g. your office building name)
  • Upload scanned/digital picture in ".jpg" format of max file size 150KB.
  • Please enter the captcha code.
  • Please review the form before submission.
Aadhar Enrollment & Overview
Aadhaar Enrolment

One of the mandatory requirements for registering on the common bio-metric attendance system is a valid Aadhaar Number of the employees for enabling him/her to mark attendance. In order to facilitate the BAS implementation, UIDAI can organize Aadhaar Enrolment Camps (AECs) for all such employees, who do not possess Aadhaar numbers. UIDAI shall also extend its support for the employees who have already enrolled but have not yet received their Aadhaar, or have lost their Aadhaar, or for those who need to update their Aadhaar data.

E-Aadhaar access

To enable downloading of the Aadhaar for the employees who have enrolled but have not yet received their Aadhaar, or have lost their Aadhaar or did not received Aadhaar due to any reason whatsoever, UIDAI has provides access to e-Aadhaar facility to HoDs of the NIC deputed in various Ministries/Departments. The employees can get in touch with their respective HoDs of NIC to get their Aadhaar downloaded.

Best Finger Detection (BFD)

In order to increase the chances of the Aadhaar Authentication while marking attendance, UIDAI has also extended the facility of Best Finger Detection (BFD) to all the Head of Departments (HoDs) of NIC in the respective ministries or departments. Those employees, who are facing frequent authentication failures while marking attendance, can get their best finger identified from the device installed in the NIC cell in respective Ministry/Department. After identification of the Best Finger, the employee can use the identified best finger for marking attendance with an increased chance of success for Aadhaar Authentication.

Biometrics Terminal Setup & Preparation

The biometric terminals can be setup using either of the above combinations.

Tablet setup

The wall mounted devices are Android OS running tablets, with either finger print reader or iris scanner together housed in a cabinet to present an integrated device feel. The BAS software for android is readily available for download from the portal. Since network connectivity is mandatory for working these tablet devices are connected through Wi-Fi access points and are also equipped with a 2G SIM card for GPRS connectivity for network failover support.

Desktop setup

Normal PCs on which the BAS windows version application can be run and the finger print or iris scanner are attached through USB ports are also being used to mark the attendance. The PCs are generally connected through the Office LAN network and alternatively dialup or broad band connections can be used for network connectivity. The fingerprint and iris scanners are readily available with drivers for windows platform, use of Office PCs can be the shortest route to get started with BAS as the requirement would be procurement of biometric scanner devices.

Site Identification & Preparation

The wall mounted devices are preferred to be placed at the entry/exit points, lift lobby or the corridors for enabling easy access to the employees for marking attendance. The Agencies shall ensure the points identified for installing AEBAS should have;

  • 220V/5A Electrical points
  • Suitable security within the premises
  • Protection from environmental conditions like rain, sun, etc
  • LAN point or availability of adequate/sufficient Wi-Fi access in the area
Application Dashboard and Report
Application Report – Sample report – CSV format